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Why Good Iowa Personal Injury Lawyers Don’t Handle Truck Accident Cases Like Regular Car Accident Claims

After a serious semi-truck accident in Iowa, you may be looking for an attorney to help you get justice for your harms and losses.  During a phone call with a lawyer, you may get the impression that “truck crash cases are just like regular car accident cases.” Don’t be fooled.  There are many differences between …


7 Signs Your Loved One is Not Being Monitored in an Iowa Nursing Home

There are 7 potential signs that your loved one is not being properly watched in their Iowa nursing home care facility: (1) Unanswered or avoided questions by nursing home staff It’s natural to have questions regarding your loved one’s care plan, their medications, or other issues that involve how the nursing home is caring for …


What is a Vocational Expert and Why Are They Important for Your Social Security Disability Case?

If your initial disability application has been denied, you will need to appeal your claim through the appeals process. One of the levels of the disability appeals process involves a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. The majority of disability cases in Iowa require a disability hearing in order to be approved for …

Why Should I Hire an Iowa Workers’ Compensation Lawyer if My Benefits are Being Paid?

In the Iowa workers’ compensation system, there are multiple benefits that an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier is required to provide. Oftentimes injured workers will assume that because they are receiving weekly checks from the insurance company, they do not need to hire a work comp attorney. However, even if the insurance company is paying …


3 Ways You Know You’re Talking to a Real Iowa Truck Accident Lawyer

Any attorney licensed to practice law in the state of Iowa is technically allowed to file a truck accident crash claim, but that doesn’t mean they will get you the compensation you deserve. Semi crash claims are different than “regular” car accident cases in a variety of ways. Here are 3 ways to know the …


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