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Why Would I Need Expert Witnesses for an Iowa Nursing Home Abuse Case?

Your Iowa nursing home abuse case may not always need a hired expert witness.  If your loved one was pushed by a nurse and suffered injuries because of the abuse, you might have video evidence to prove what happened.  If so, there will be no need for expert testimony because you have the evidence needed …


3 Reasons You Need Underinsured Motorist Coverage if You Ride a Motorcycle in Iowa

It can feel like a one-two punch if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident in Iowa and learn the person who hit you doesn’t have enough car insurance to cover all of your medical bills. That’s why it’s worth considering investing in uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. Although Iowa law requires drivers to carry …


My Spouse Was in a Motorcycle Accident in Iowa. What Do I Need to Know?

If your husband or wife was recently in a motorcycle accident in Iowa, we’re sorry this has happened to you.  We know you have a lot to think about.  Foremost on your mind is the injury or even the possible loss of your spouse.   But you’re probably also worried about how to pay bills or …


3 Questions to Ask About Traumatic Brain Injuries in Iowa Nursing Homes

After your loved one has fallen in an Iowa nursing home, you may be concerned about broken bones or serious bruises.  But you should also be aware that they may have suffered a traumatic brain injury.  Here are 3 simple questions you’ll need the answer to if you suspect a potential brain injury. 1. What …


Iowa Nursing Home Care Plans

If your loved one is being admitted to a nursing home, you may hear about something called a “care plan.”  But what is a care plan and where should you begin?  Let’s discuss the ins and outs of nursing home care plans. What is a Nursing Home Care Plan? A care plan is a written …


5 Ways Iowa Nursing Home Residents Are Vulnerable to Identity Theft and What You Can Do About It

Nursing home residents in the United States have been victims of identity theft and financial abuse to the tune of $2.9 billion annually. With nearly 25,000 residents in Iowa nursing homes, there is a real danger that this could happen to someone you love. How Iowa Nursing Home Residents Become Victims of Identity Theft There …


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