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How Do Iowa Law Enforcement Agencies Investigate and Report Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcycle accidents are often complex events with multiple factors at play, making them challenging for law enforcement agencies to investigate thoroughly. In the state of Iowa, these challenges are compounded by various factors that can cause issues with the investigative process. Understanding the difficulties faced by law enforcement in handling motorcycle accidents is crucial for …


Who is Liable for Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect in Iowa?

Who is responsible for Iowa nursing home abuse and neglect? The nursing home and its owners are responsible for what happens to their residents under their roof. They have a federal obligation to make sure that all policies and procedures are being followed. Sometimes when abuse or neglect occurs, they’re more interested in how much …


What is Iowa Nursing Home Neglect?

Iowa nursing home neglect occurs when a care facility fails to provide adequate care to its residents, leading to physical, emotional, or psychological harm. This neglect can manifest in various forms, including insufficient medical care, inadequate hygiene, malnutrition, and failure to assist with daily activities. Residents may suffer from preventable injuries, such as bedsores or …


Clear Liability Iowa Motorcycle Cases Are Easy – Or Are They?

You might believe that if you’re hit while riding a motorcycle, and the other driver is obviously at fault, that you have a clear liability case that will be easy to settle on your own. The insurance company of the other driver has different ideas, though. They know that jurors will often have an unfair …


RSH Legal Attorneys Win $1.8 Million Verdict for Worker Injured at Iowa Luke Bryan Concert

RSH Legal personal injury attorneys Tim Semelroth and Brian C. Ivers secured a $1.8 million verdict for Frank Sgambellone, a former sound engineer who was injured while working for the Luke Bryan tour. Originally from Massachusetts, Frank was at the UNI-Dome helping with concert takedown in February 2016 when he was struck and run over …


Iowa Motorcycle Hit-and-Run? Here’s What You Should Do Next.

There is a true risk to a motorcycle hit-and-run crash in Iowa. A hit-and-run between a car and a motorcycle happens more frequently than accidents between two automobiles. Whether contact was actually made between your vehicles, or the other driver simply ran you off the road without actually striking you, serious injuries can and do …


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