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7 Signs Your Loved One is Not Being Monitored in an Iowa Nursing Home

There are 7 potential signs that your loved one is not being properly watched in their Iowa nursing home care facility: (1) Unanswered or avoided questions by nursing home staff It’s natural to have questions regarding your loved one’s care plan, their medications, or other issues that involve how the nursing home is caring for …


What Are the Odds of Winning an Iowa Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

You may be curious about your odds of winning a medical malpractice claim in Iowa. If you talk to attorneys about these cases, you’ll hear that well over 90% of these cases across the country result in the defense winning. That’s about the same in Iowa as well. While that isn’t our record, you need …


Should I Hire an Iowa Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer or Settle the Case On My Own?

If you believe your loved one is a victim of serious nursing home abuse or neglect in Iowa, you may think hiring an attorney is the only way to get justice. However, there are pros and cons to hiring a lawyer for a possible Iowa nursing home abuse claim.  Unless your loved one has suffered …


Pre-Existing Conditions and Iowa Motorcycle Accident Claims

You are still entitled to fair compensation, even if your pre-existing condition was made worse by a serious Iowa motorcycle accident. For example, let’s say that you had some degenerative disc disease in your back before the crash.  During the crash, you suffer three herniated discs.  You will need to prove that the accident, and …


When Should You Settle Your Iowa Motorcycle Accident Case?

After you have been in a serious Iowa motorcycle crash, you should be focused on healing from your injuries.  The other driver’s insurance company may try to contact you to talk about settling your claim.  Before you decide to settle your case, consider a few things: Don’t Settle Your Case Until You’re Done Treating You …


5 Things You Shouldn’t Do After an Iowa Motorcycle Crash

Motorcycle crashes can be traumatic events.  Less protection and visibility than other motor vehicles can mean riders are at risk for being seriously injured.  If you have been in an Iowa motorcycle accident, here are five things you shouldn’t do: 1. Leave the scene of the crash. If you have been in a serious motorcycle …


Tim Semelroth First Iowa Attorney Board-Certified in Trucking Accident Law

We are proud to announce that attorney Tim Semelroth is the first attorney in Iowa to be board-certified in trucking accident law.  The National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) requires an elaborate screening of credentials, including substantial trial experience, judicial and peer references, legal writing documents, and an examination, in order to be board-certified.  Tim went through …


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