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Why You Will Likely Get a Low-Ball Offer When You Try to Negotiate Your Own Iowa Car Accident Settlement

You or someone you love was injured in a car accident in Iowa. The other driver’s fault is clear. The crash caused injuries that were immediately diagnosed and treated. The other driver’s insurance company has reached out to you and seems very friendly and helpful. You decide that this situation is so cut and dried …


Brain Injuries and Iowa Semi-Truck Accidents: What You Need to Know

A collision with an 18-wheeler is much different than a collision with a regular passenger car. One of the biggest differences – no pun intended – is the sheer size of a tractor-trailer. A fully loaded semi-truck can weigh up to 20 times more than a compact car. Getting hit by something with that kind …

RSH Legal Attorneys Secure $6 Million Verdict for Iowa Nursing Home Neglect Victim and Her Family

RSH Legal nursing home lawyers Pressley Henningsen and Brian C. Ivers fought for fairness for Darlene Weaver and her family and secured a $6 million verdict against Buffalo Center’s Timely Mission Nursing Home. 83-year-old Darlene Weaver was in the care of Timely Mission when she suffered a serious fall where she fractured her hip and …


I Was Hit by Someone Driving a Company Vehicle in Iowa – What Do I Do Now?

If you were hit by someone who was driving a company vehicle, you are probably wondering what rights you have. First, let’s define how a company vehicle is different from a privately-owned vehicle. A company vehicle is a truck, van, bus, or any other vehicle that is owned by a company, rather than a person. …

RSH Legal Secures $8 Million Settlement in Jerime Mitchell Lawsuit

Congratulations to RSH Legal attorneys Pressley Henningsen and Laura Schultes for negotiating an $8 million settlement for Jerime and Bracken Mitchell. Jerime Mitchell was left paralyzed after being shot by former Cedar Rapids Police officer Lucas Jones during a traffic stop in 2016. The City of Cedar Rapids and the Mitchells came to an $8 …

Why Good Iowa Personal Injury Lawyers Don’t Handle Truck Accident Cases Like Regular Car Accident Claims

After a serious semi-truck accident in Iowa, you may be looking for an attorney to help you get justice for your harms and losses.  During a phone call with a lawyer, you may get the impression that “truck crash cases are just like regular car accident cases.” Don’t be fooled.  There are many differences between …


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