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Employment Law Attorneys at RSH Legal Settle Age Discrimination Lawsuits

Congratulations to RSH Legal employment law attorneys Tom Foley and Laura Schultes, who settled the lawsuits of our clients for $1.7 million. Our clients, three former South Tama County Community School District employees, filed separate age discrimination lawsuits against the district. These lawsuits were related to their termination. The three cases against the school district …


If You Were Unlawfully Fired: 3 Tips to Hold Your Iowa Employer Accountable

What constitutes wrongful termination in Iowa? Do you believe you have been unlawfully fired from your job in Iowa? If so you, likely feel angry or upset and want to know how to hold your former employer accountable. Here are 3 ways you can get justice: 1.      Taking legal action sooner rather than later. There …


Can I Claim Compensation for Mental Health After a Car Accident in Iowa?

Car accidents cause more than just physical injuries—they can also cause mental health injuries like depression, anxiety, and in some instances Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (also known as PTSD).  Mental Health Conditions after an Iowa Car Crash Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for people in car crashes to suffer chronic pain from their injuries.  According to …

What Happens if My Iowa Employer Doesn’t Report my Work Injury to the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company?

Iowa law is clear about the requirement an employer has to report workplace injuries to workmans’ compensation within 90 days. While some injured workers in Iowa have employers who properly report and submit work injuries to their workers’ compensation carrier, many employers ignore injured workers, presenting them with this issue at the start of their …


What is “Quid Pro Quo” Harassment in Iowa Workplaces?

We get a lot of calls about harassment in the workplace. Sometimes this harassment takes the form of a generally hostile work environment – repeated inappropriate jokes, or scattered comments and gestures here and there. But other times, the harassment arises in a situation that the law calls “quid pro quo” harassment.  “Quid pro quo” …


What Does it Mean to be Disabled to the Social Security Administration?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) defines being disabled differently than you or your doctor does. Because of this, many disability applicants become frustrated or angry because they don’t meet the SSA’s definition of disabled and are therefore denied benefits. For example, just because you’re not working does not, by itself, mean that you are considered …

What is Loss of Consortium and How Does it Work in an Iowa Personal Injury Case?

In Iowa, the law recognizes that immediate family members also suffer losses when a loved one is injured or dies due to the negligence of another.  The legal term for the relationship between immediate family members is called “consortium.” When there is a change or damage to these relationships due to an injury or death, …


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