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Three Tips for Safe Night Motorcycle Riding in Iowa

A motorcycle ride at night can be exhilarating.  But there are dangers that every motorcyclist needs to be aware of.  Here are three tips to stay safe while riding your motorcycle at night in Iowa: 1. Make Sure Your Motorcycle Headlight is Working Obviously headlights are incredibly important for riders when it’s dark.  Having a working …


How Iowa Nursing Homes Can Prevent Your Loved One from Experiencing a Dangerous Fall

Every year, many Iowa nursing home residents are injured or killed due to falls.  Falls are a common occurrence in many facilities, but they don’t have to be. Many falls can be avoided if nursing homes use proper fall prevention procedures. Risk Factors for Falls in Iowa Nursing Homes There are two main reasons that …


Iowa Motorcycle Laws: 3 Things to Know Before Getting On a Bike

There’s nothing like riding Iowa’s highways and back roads on a motorcycle.  Whether riding alone, or with friends, it’s important to always follow Iowa’s motorcycle laws.  Here are 3 things every Iowa rider should know before they hop on their motorcycle: Iowa Motorcycle Helmet Law — Not Required, but Encouraged Iowa is one of a …


Spinal Cord Injuries from an Iowa Motorcycle Crash

A serious motorcycle crash can be a life-changing event, especially if it’s a spinal cord injury. Depending on the location and extent of your injury, it may be difficult for you to walk, feed yourself, function normally, and perform tasks that you’re used to doing.  Whether you suffer a complete or incomplete spinal cord injury, …


3 Ways Understaffing Can Lead to Iowa Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect

Understaffing is one of the biggest causes of nursing home abuse and neglect.  The vast majority of nursing homes in Iowa and the United States are understaffed.  There are a variety of ways that the lack of staff can affect nursing home residents and lead to abuse or neglect. 1.     Understaffing at Iowa Nursing Homes …


Why is Getting the Accident Report After My Iowa Motorcycle Crash So Important?

If you’ve been injured in an Iowa motorcycle accident, it will be important to obtain a copy of the official accident report from the police.  This evidence will help illustrate what happened during the crash and could help you get a fair settlement in your personal injury claim. What Information Does an Accident Report Provide? …


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