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How Do I Figure Out the Right Lawyer For My Iowa Motorcycle Accident Case? (Video)
Posted By Pressley Henningsen - 09.24.17

After a motorcycle accident in Iowa, the other driver’s insurance company will probably reach out fairly quickly to settle your case. They don’t want to be on the hook for your accident-related m...

What To Do If You Are Fired After a Work Injury? (Video)
Posted By Emily Anderson - 09.18.17

Have you been fired after a work injury in Iowa because of that injury? In most cases, your next step should be to launch a well-documented job search. If you are terminated from your job because of ...

Are Bed Sores in an Iowa Nursing Home a Sign of Nursing Home Neglect?
Posted By Pressley Henningsen - 09.11.17

Nursing home neglect can sometimes be difficult to detect. After all, many residents in Iowa nursing homes suffer from bed sores. Is it a normal, but unfortunate, side effect of being in a facility, ...

Does It Matter Whether Your Lawyer Has Ever Handled an Iowa Truck Accident Case?
Posted By Ben Long - 09.07.17

An Iowa truck accident case is usually a complex situation. After you’ve been hit by a semi-truck in Iowa, you may be suffering from severe injuries. It’s likely you’ll need an experienced truc...

How Long Does the Social Security Disability Appeals Process Take?
Posted By Corey Luedeman - 08.29.17

The Social Security Disability appeals process can be complicated. If you have applied for Social Security Disability benefits and been denied, you have the right to appeal the Social Security Admini...

Kids and Technology: Finding the Right Balance
Posted By Emily Anderson - 08.28.17

Like most parents, my husband and I struggle with how much time we should allow our kids to spend in front of a screen. It’s inevitable that technology will be part of their lives, so we want to tea...

Why It Matters if Your Wrongful Death Lawyer has Experience with Iowa Wrongful Death Claims
Posted By Tim Semelroth - 08.21.17

If your loved one died because of someone else’s fault, you don’t just need an Iowa car accident lawyer or a medical malpractice lawyer. You need a wrongful death lawyer with experience in car ac...

Changes to Iowa Workers’ Compensation Laws – How Will They Affect You?
Posted By Emily Anderson - 08.15.17

Recently, members of the Iowa legislature voted in major changes to Iowa workers’ compensation laws. Unfortunately, these changes do not benefit injured workers—they benefit employers and insuran...

Who Will Pay Your Medical Bills After an Iowa Car Accident?
Posted By Tim Semelroth - 08.07.17

If you have been in a serious car crash in Iowa, you were likely injured and needed medical treatment for your injuries. Even if the other driver was clearly at fault, be aware that neither they nor ...

5 Ways to Stay Safe at a Water Park
Posted By Emily Anderson - 08.01.17

Summers in Iowa are notorious for being hot and humid.  One of the best ways to beat the heat in the summertime is to visit a water park.  Before you go, make sure to follow these 5 tips to stay saf...

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