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Disability Discrimination in the Iowa Workplace
Posted By Laura Schultes - 01.22.21

If you or a loved one have a significant health condition that impacts your ability to work, there are some important workplace rights that you should know about.  Many people have heard of the Ameri...

4 Mistakes People Make to Ruin Their Iowa Termination Claim
Posted By Laura Schultes - 12.30.20

If you find yourself in a work environment in Iowa that you feel is quickly deteriorating, you may be going to work every day in fear that you will be fired. You may be wondering if you would have a ...

How Does COVID-19 Affect My Disability Accommodations at Work in Iowa?
Posted By Tom Foley - 11.23.20

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the workplace and caused employers to rethink where and how work is performed. Stay-at-home orders, CDC guidance, and other measures designed to control the spread ...

The Absolute Wrong Way to Pick an Attorney for Your Iowa Harassment Case
Posted By Tom Foley - 10.09.20

Picking an attorney to represent you in your Iowa harassment claim is a choice the needs to be made carefully. Choosing the wrong attorney can have serious consequences for your case. The absolute wr...

What You Need to Know About Workplace Retaliation in Iowa
Posted By Laura Schultes - 08.21.20

We commonly receive calls from workers in Iowa that they believe their employer is “retaliating” against them. Most often, these callers are using the word “retaliation” in a very broad sense and wan...

My Iowa Employer is Harassing Me. Should I Quit My Job?
Posted By Tom Foley - 07.30.20

If you are dealing with harassment at work, it may seem unbearable. You may feel your only option to get the harassment to stop is to quit your job. It’s not uncommon to hear from workers in Iowa abo...

3 Tips on Documenting Your Iowa Wrongful Termination Claim
Posted By Laura Schultes - 07.24.20

If you believe that you have been wrongfully discharged from your job in Iowa – or you think the writing may be on the wall that you are going to be fired soon – you may be wondering how you pr...

Iowa Attorneys Answer Your Legal Questions about COVID-19
Posted By Laura Schultes, Tim Semelroth - 04.07.20

  1. What is the Protocol for Testing Iowa Nursing Home Residents for COVID-19 Symptoms? Nursing homes have always been required to evaluate their residents for any sort of respiratory problem. ...

COVID-19 and the FFCRA: What You Need to Know NOW
Posted By Laura Schultes - 04.03.20

Over the past few weeks, our office has received lots of calls from workers in Iowa with questions and concerns about how the COVID-19 outbreak affects their rights as an employee in Iowa.  You may b...

What is Considered “Workplace Harassment” in Iowa?
Posted By Tom Foley - 03.05.20

Not all rude, obnoxious, or even nasty things a coworker or supervisor might say or do are grounds for bringing a workplace harassment claim in Iowa. There are no state or federal general anti-bullyi...

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