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Identity Theft: 5 Ways to Protect Yourself
Posted By Tim Semelroth - 03.19.18

The 2017 Experian credit leak was a sobering reminder that your personal information could be taken and used by strangers to rack up bills and destroy your credit.  To protect yourself from identity t...

Common Slip & Fall Accidents – And How You Can Avoid Them
Posted By Ben Long - 01.29.18

Injuries from slip and fall accidents can be serious.  Every year, nearly 32,000 deaths occur because of falls.  Slip and fall accidents can be separated into two types – work-related falls, and falls...

5 Tips For Safe Dawn and Dusk Driving
Posted By Ben Long - 01.05.18

Both dawn and dusk are some of the most dangerous times to drive.  The sun is often low enough in the sky to cause glare in drivers’ eyes, while deep shadows can make it difficult to spot changing roa...

Getting Back to the Gym: 5 Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolution a Success
Posted By Tim Semelroth - 12.19.17

Many of us find our New Year’s Resolution is to get back into an exercise routine.  Here are some tips on how to stay safe when you’re first getting back into shape, and how to stick with the program....

What Are the Differences Between SSI vs. SSDI? (Video)
Posted By Corey Luedeman - 10.23.17

You have probably heard of “Social Security Disability” before. But are you aware there are actually two different kinds of benefits under this name? Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benef...

Should You Use “Do-It-Yourself” Legal Forms?
Posted By Corey Luedeman - 09.26.17

You may have heard of websites like LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer.  These “do-it-yourself”, or DIY, legal form websites charge you a small fee to fill out some information and print off legal documents ...

Kids and Technology: Finding the Right Balance
Posted By Emily Anderson - 08.28.17

Like most parents, my husband and I struggle with how much time we should allow our kids to spend in front of a screen. It’s inevitable that technology will be part of their lives, so we want to teach...

5 Ways to Stay Safe at a Water Park
Posted By Emily Anderson - 08.01.17

Summers in Iowa are notorious for being hot and humid.  One of the best ways to beat the heat in the summertime is to visit a water park.  Before you go, make sure to follow these 5 tips to stay safe ...

Iowa Lawmakers Target Injured Workers With Proposed Legislation
Posted By Emily Anderson - 03.02.17

  Friends – there are identical bills in the Iowa House and Senate that propose extreme changes to Iowa’s workers’ compensation system. These bills go too far and need to be stopped....

Social Security Disability Programs Under Attack
Posted By Corey Luedeman - 01.30.17

As virtually anyone who has been denied disability benefits knows, the wait time to get a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge for your denied Social Security Disability claim is just plain...

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